When it comes to your eye health, we know you might have questions. This is page is designed to help answer a few of the most common. However, if you still need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How often should my eyes be examined?

Annual eye exams are very important for every member of your family. Children grow and change very quickly as does their vision. Adults and teens may also have vision changes, and a thorough eye health evaluation may detect the visual changes as well as any eye problems before any vision is lost. Also, many health issues can be addressed, like headaches, eyestrain, and allergies. All contact lens patients need to ensure that their eyes are staying healthy, and that their contact lenses are still the right ones for them.

What kind of diseases/conditions can be identified during an eye exam?

Common eye diseases include cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration. But most people don’t realize that the eye truly is the window to the health of the body. We evaluate the blood vessels in the retina to diagnose and monitor diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, as well as many other systemic diseases. Other common findings are over-accommodation which can cause headaches and eyestrain, especially with the growing number of hours many people spend looking at screens large and small.

I woke up with a crusty eye lid and my eye is red and itchy – what should I do?

Any time your eye becomes pink/red, there is any discharge (mucous/tearing), any pain/irritation, or sensitivity to light, you should contact an Optometrist immediately! We can be reached at 508-376-0800, our staff will ensure you are seen on the same day, even if our schedule is full.

I have eye allergies during the summer, can they be treated?

If over-the-counter medications like Claritin(r), Benadryl(r) or Zyrtec(r) do not seem to be easing your eye irritation, it is important that you are seen by an Optometrist to determine what the best treatment option is for you. Please call us at 508-376-0800 to schedule an appointment. Most over-the-counter allergy eye drops are not recommended.

Do you see children?

Absolutely. It is so important to ensure good eye health and vision in children. Ninety percent of what they learn is using their eyes! Dr. Hrach works with children age 5 and up; we can recommend a good pediatric specialist for those that are younger.

Why can’t I buy eyewear on your website?

We feel that there really is no substitute for trying glasses on in person. It is very difficult to imagine how a particular frame will look or feel on your face, and even harder to know if a certain frame is appropriate for your individual prescription. Our Licensed Opticians will ensure that you not only look, but see your absolute best with correctly fit frames and lenses.

Are your frames and lenses guaranteed?

All of our eyeglass frames and lenses are warrantied for normal wear and tear for a year; with replacement if they are not fixable. We also offer a special half price replacement guarantee if you or your family member lose the glasses you purchased from us within a year of their purchase.

Is there parking near your practice?

Yes. We are located inside the Milliston Common (Roche Bros.) plaza on Rt. 109 in Millis. There is plenty of parking directly in front of the store and no stairs to contend with.